Industrial Pellet Mill for Large Scale Pellet Mill Plant

Usually speaking, industrial pellet mill can be called ring die pellet mill, for if you want to realize the industrial pellet production, you must use a pellet mill which has a high yield. Industrial wood pellet mill is the important component in industrial pellet mill plant, and it is usually used to produce pellets with some auxiliary equipments, like wood chipper, crusher, drying machine, cooling machine, packing machine, etc.
auxiliary machines
The industrial pellet mill and the auxiliary equipments are composed of a complete pellet production line. Those auxiliary equipments offer an proper condition for industrial pellet mill production to guarantee the high yield and fluent production.
The energy consumption and the pellet mill yield of different types of industrial pellet mills are different, the users can choose a proper pellet mill according to their needs. The following chart gives two kinds of ABC machinery pellet mills that have different powers and yields by different raw materials.
Models Power Capacity
BPM 420 gear driven 90 KW 1.2-1.5MT (saw dust)
2.0-2.5MT (agriculture straw)
BPM 508 gear driven 110 KW 1.5-2.0MT (saw dust)
2.5-3.5MT (agriculture straw)
Industrial pellet mill can work continuously for long time in the industrial pellet mill plant. Because the automatic level of the plant is higher, the requirement to the labor decreases to the lowest. That not only improves pellet production efficiency, but also saves the labor cost. Besides, industrial pellet mill adopts the materials with high strength and abrasive resistance reducing the frequency to maintain and change pellet mill parts. Compared with some rough pellet mill, the industrial pellet mill plant saves manpower and energy to maximize the profits.
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