Make Briquettes by Rice Husk Briquette Machine

Rice Husk Briquette Machine Introduction
Rice husk briquette machine is a kind of punching briquette machine or mechanical stamping briquette machine, it mainly process the rice husks, other crop straws, and biomass materials. Rice husk briquette machine is different from the screw briquette machine and its main parts are punching rod and mold. The punching rod will move back and forward then it will beat the raw materials and push them to go ahead until they get into the mold. Rice husk briquette machine can make both briquettes and pellets, you just need to change the mold. The rice husk briquette machine can be designed into the rice husk briquettes production line, which is more automatic for the users and improve the briquettes yield.
rice husk briquette machine

How to Make Rice Husk Briquettes by the Briquette Machine

Before you process the rice husk, you should control the moisture content. Proper moisture content can make the pellets have high density and smooth surface. Then the materials will be sent into the rice husk briquette machine. The high temperature and pressure will be passed on to the raw materials, they pass through the mold, and become rice husk briquettes. In the briquette production line, nearly all steps will be finished by the machine, like mixing, drying, conveying, feeding, briquette making, etc.
How to Make Rice Husk Briquettes by the Briquette Machine

What is the Advantages of Rice Husk Briquettes

  • They have regular shapes, so it is easy to store and transport the briquettes.
  • Rice husk briquettes have high burning efficiency, and they can be used in different areas.
  • The rice husk briquettes are environmental.
  • The rice husk briquettes are renewable.
  • The price of husk briquettes are reasonable and the users can accept it easily.

Where to Buy a Rice Husk Briquette Machine

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