Making Cheap Fuels with Straw Briquette Machine

Turning Straws to Fuel

Straw is a common material that can be found in rural region easily. There are so many kinds of straws, including rice straw, maize straw, sorghum straw, millet straw, corn straw, wheat straw, cotton straw, barley straw, oats straw, potato straw, rape straw, rye straw etc. After harvesting every year, most straws are left around the filed, only small part of farmers would to collect them to use them for daily cooking or heating. However, directly burning straws producing harmful smoke into the air makes straw combustion become bad idea.
Turning Straws to Fuel with Straw Briquette Machine
With the development of technology and the calling of protecting environment, straw briquette machine has been designed and manufactured to making straws into solid briquette used as fuel. Under the high temperature and compression of the straw briquette machine, the straws begin to be heated and softened; the lignin inside of the straw starts to cohere other parts together, finally, the straws is formed into uniform size density straw briquettes.

Machinery Working Principle

According to different working principle, our straw briquette machine has two types, including GC-MBP series punching straw briquette machine and GCBC series screw straw briquette machine, the former one adopts great machinery attacking force on the raw materials into the mould, forming them into solid density straw briquettes; while the latter adopts screw propeller to pushing the raw materials into the forming sleeve and forms raw materials into cylindrical or hollow center biomass and charcoal briquettes. Each type has its own highlights.

Highlights of Straw Briquette Machine

GCBC series screw straw briquette machineGC-MBP series punching straw briquette machine
(screw and punching type straw briquette machine)

Screw type

  • The screw type straw briquetting machine can not only make straw briquette but also can make charcoal briquette;
  • The main components are made of quality alloy steel with high hardness, prolonging the machinery service time;
  • Special gear box is equipped with lubrication device which has function of air discharging, keeping the consistent pressure meanwhile realizing regular lubrication;
  • Automatic cutting system is configured in the screw straw briquette machine, improving the production automaticity and able to customize the length of finished straw briquette.

Punching type

  • Using punching type straw briquette machine, you can make two kinds product, including pellet and briquette, what you only should do is changing the mould, and we can customize the mould specification according to your requirements;
  • Punching straw briquetting press is equipped with oil heat transfer system, air cooling system and dust system, making sure the continuous production;
  • Our punching briquette machine adopts machinery stamping to compress the raw material into briquetting chamber, which can be called pre-punching, and with the stamping of briquette machine, the density of finished product will be more higher.
Except the crop straws, both of these two types of straw briquette machine can make many other biomass materials into high quality briquettes, such as, wood logs, wood chips, shavings, peanut shell, pineapple shell, twigs, barks, etc.

Wide Applications of Finished Product

The finished product is produce with the features of large density, uniform size and small volume, saving space, is easy to pack, transport and manage; made from biomass raw material, crop straw, the briquette can burn fully due to an efficient combustion without ashes and harmful smoke produce into the air. Thus the finished is the best substitute of replacing fossil fuels has a wide application range in many fields.

With different sizes, the briquette can be used for different fields. The pellet with 8mm diameter can be used for BBQ, frying tea. The briquette with 30mm diameter can be used for home heating and cooking. 70 mm diameter briquette is suitable for industrial boiler and power generation. The charcoal briquette with the surface carbonization, produced by the screw briquette machine, can be used for making wood charcoal in charcoal factory. with the straw briquette machine, you can make all kinds of fuel straw briquettes and see its extraordinary showing in many fields.
If you have interest in making straw into cheap fuel with straw briquette machine, please contact us for more information.