Pellet Mill Guide to Pellet Mill Operators

What is a pellet mill? What is a pellet mill used for? How to operate a pellet mill. Please look at this pellet  mill guide!
Those are the general problems that the newcomers will face. Now we are going to talk about the pellet mill guide in order to help the pellet mill operators to operate the pellet mill correctly.
Here, we will mainly talk about BPM508 type pellet mill. It is consisted of main drying pelletizing system and feeding conditioning system.
 pellet mill guide for BPM508 pellet mill
pellet mill guide for BPM508 pellet mill

Pellet Mill Operation Procedures:

1. Before using the pellet mill, you should have a test running in order to produce pellets normally.
2. After every thing has been prepared well, you can start to produce pellets normally. There, you should pay attention to the start-up orders. That is an orders from bottom to the top:
  • Start the thin oil lubricating system motor overboard.
  • Start the main motor and forced feeding motor.
  • Start the conditioning motor.
  • Start the feeding motor and adjust the rotating speed to the lowest speed.
  • Open the discharging door and air inlet valve, adjust the feeding motor rotating speed, after the pellets are produced, you should adjust the feeder rotating speed until it is proper.
  • Adjust the cutter to cut pellets into proper length.
  • Adjust the feeder rotating speed more to make the working current achieve the rated value.
3. After finishing the pellet production, you should stop the pellet mill. But the shutdown also has an order, which is opposite to the start-up steps:
  • Close the discharging door.
  • Observe there are no materials in the hopper through the observation door, then close the feeding motor and conditioning motor.
  • Feed in the oily materials from the observation door making them fill in ring die holes.
  • Close the forced feeding motor and main motor.
  • Close the thin oil lubricating system motor overboard.
  • After the main motor stops, open the door closure to clean the residue materials.
  • Clean the impurities on the magnet.
Matters Needing Attention:
When using the pellet mill, the voltage should be stable to guarantee the normal production. Besides, before starting the machine each time, you should check whether there are residues in the pellet mill die hole, if there are the residues, you should immediately get rid of them otherwise, it will not produce pellets fluently and damage the machine. The relative working parts of the pellet mill should be added lubricating oil regularly, and the quick-wear part of the pellet mill should be changed after the pellet mill works for some time. Most importantly, the pellet mill should be operated by the trained operators, they should operate the pellet mill in strict accordance with the pellet mill operation guide.
No matter it is BPM508 type of pellet mill or other types of pellet mill, the only thing is certain, that is we always supply the high quality of products and the superior service to all our clients.