Pellet Mill VS Briquette Machine

Nowadays, there are two kinds of mainstream products in the biomass energy market, biomass pellets and briquettes, and both of them are made of sawdust, agricultural wastes and other biomass materials by the mechanical pressing technology. The difference is pellets are pressed by pellet mill while briquettes are pressed by briquette machine. As the new energy equipments, how do we choose from both of them. Firstly, let us have a initial image about biomass pellets and briquettes.
Pellet Mill VS Briquette Machine    Pellet Mill VS Briquette Machine
            Ring Die Pellet Mill                                                                     Punching Briquette machine
The biomass pellet is made from biomass materials, like wood, sawdust, agricultural wastes, forestry wastes, etc, which are pressed into granules with a specified dimension (diameter is about 6-10mm) under high pressure and temperature after being ground, dried. And biomass briquette machine can also process those biomass materials above, but the processing principle is not the same with the biomass pellets. Biomass briquettes are the shape of solid rods, hollow rods (four or six edges), biomass bulk and charcoal rods, etc. Because the processing principle is different,  the processing machine is different, too.
pellets and briquettes
Pellet mill has a long history. At the beginning, pellet mill is to produce animal feed, and it gradually began to generate biomass pellets. So the technology is mature, and the quality of pellets is very good. Though briquettes is processed behind the pellets, the technology of briquette machine is also handsome.

Pellet Mill and Briquette Machine Have Some Differences.

  1. The raw materials of pellet mill and briquette machine are various, and the biomass materials take up a huge proportion. Though pellet mill and briquette machine can produce the same raw materials, there are still differences in their raw material types. For example, wood can be divided into hard wood and soft wood, the lignin content in the straw wastes is different, some contain more while some less, several materials are loose and not easy to be molded while several have strong viscosity. By comparison, punching briquetting machine has more extensive adaptability.
  2. The end products of pellet mill and briquette machine are different. We have talked about the end products above, and their shapes are totally different. See picture above, the pellets are featured with the same shapes, small rods, and Briquettes are shaped with many types of shapes. Generally speaking, briquettes are larger than pellets.
  3. The end products usage of pellet mill and briquette machine also have differences. Pellets are usually used in the household fireplace, central heating boiler, industrial boiler , power station or used for animal bedding. Briquettes are primarily used as a solid fuel instead of firewood, for their advantages of light weight, easy storage and transportation, etc.
  4. The working principle of pellet mill and briquette machine are different too. Pellet mill’s main parts are roller and die. There is a clearance between them, and the clearance can be adjusted. When the raw materials go into the clearance between them, the roller or die begins to rotate. The raw materials are extruded into the die holes under the strong pressure, pellets then are shaped. For briquette machine, there is no need for binders when processing raw materials into pellets. Because during the processing, the friction will produce a lot of heat which will soften the lignin in materials. The softening lignin will connect the raw materials together as binder.
The differences of pellet mill and briquette machine are good for people to use in different ways and Pellets and briquettes are both beneficial to the environmental protection, their requirement will be more in the future. Because it is a trend for people to use clean and renewable energy. It is obvious that pellet mill and briquette machine have a bright future in the biomass market.