Sheep Manure Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine for Organic Fertilizer

Sheep Manure Turned into Fertilizer Pellet?

With the development of science and technology, people learn to use the wastes to make treasures, like processing crop wastes and forestry residues into fuel to save daily cost etc, in which the animal waste has many usages. In most cases, people turned them into organic fertilizer to grow flowers, forage grass, crop and other plants. Sheep manure, as the most common animal manure, takes the relatively important status among the people who produce fertilizers. Except of sheep manure, other manures like urine and dung of cow, chicken, pigs, deer, goat, ducks, geese etc can also be processed into useful and organic fertilizers.
fertilizer pellet made from pellet making machine

Usually, in the rural regions, the farmers always put the manure and corn stalk or rice husk etc together for fermentation, thus the manure is processed into fertilizers. However, this method for making fertilizer causes some problems, it needs a large place to store the raw materials, the processing period is long, the finished fertilizer is not easy to store, and is easy to be loose during the transportation. Therefore, people start to try to process the manure into fertilizer pellets, and they did it, what they need is one set of sheep manure fertilizer pellet making machine.

Sheep Manure Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine Features

  • Sheep manure pellet making machine is mainly composed of pelleting die, pressing roller, feeding hopper, bearing bracket, reducer, engine base etc, adopting pressing roller to press the manure raw material into the holes of the pelleting die with uniform length and diameter.
flat die sheep manure fertilizer pellet making machine ring die sheep manure fertilizer pellet making machine
(Flat Die and Ring Die Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine)
  • Sheep manure pellet making machine is divided into flat die pellet making machine and ring die pellet making machine, the former is suitable for small workshop, individual fertilizer factory and rural small animal farm, while the latter one is suitable for large livestock and poultry farms, scales fertilizer making factory and large scale fertilizer production line.
  • Four kinds of driving powers are equipped optionally in our sheep manure fertilizer pellet machine, including electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO (driven by tractor), you can choose one of them based on your requirement and actual situation.
  • Due to the different situation of raw material, sheep manure fertilizer pellet making machine is able to use singly and in fertilizer production line.

Tips for Making Fertilizer with Sheep Manure Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine

Making Manure Fertilizer Pellet for Self-Use

sheep manure turned into fertilizer pellet sheep manure turned into fertilizer pellets
(Sheep Manure turned to Fertilizer Pellets)
When you collect sheep manure or other kind of manures, you need to dry them before pelletizing them. You can dry them under the sun and then detect the moisture content of them. If it meets the requirement of fertilizing pellet making machine (12%-15%), and hammer them into small pieces (less than 3mm), you can feed them into the machine for producing fertilizer pellets. After the finished fertilizer pellet is discharged out of the machine, when the hot fertilizer pellet is cooled, you can pack them in bags for later use.

Making Manure Fertilizer Pellet for Sale

  1. Manure preparation processing. Prepare the raw materials well is the beginning of quality fertilizer pellet production. Drying machine and hammer mill helps the raw materials in proper moisture content and size in short time, improving the production efficiency and reducing time cost.
  2. Pelletizing processing. When the prepared raw materials is ready, put them into the sheep manure fertilizer pellet making machine to produce fertilizer pellet. Generally, ring die fertilizer pellet making machine is equipped in the production line, you need choose the type with your requirement.
  3. Cooling and sieving processing. The freshly fished fertilizer pellet has high temperature, thus needing cooling into the indoor temperature for later packing and storing. Cooling machine equipped with sieve can sieve out the broke pellet and dust while cooling the fertilizer pellets, ensuring the high quality of final products.
  4. Packing processing. After cooling and sieving, the temperature of fertilizer pellet will reach to the indoor temperature, auto-packing machine is equipped for weighing and packing the fertilizer pellet, and then seaming the bags.
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