Small Scale Pellet Production Solution

GEMCO specialize in promoting small scale pellet production solution for the production of fuel and feed pellets from a range of materials. We offer high quality flat pellet mills for small businesses to process organic wastes and various biomass materials into pellets.
Small scale pellet production solution can be used to produce corn stalk, maize straw, corn stover, wheat straw, cotton stalk, branches, leaves, sawdust and other wood and agriculture wastes. But not only biomass raw material, small scale pellet production solutions can also used to produce animal feed pellet such as elephant grass, alfalfa grass.

 small scale pellet production solution line

Flat die pellet mill have become more and more popularity. This is because it's not only able to process animal feed for various types of livestock, but also the traditional waste biomass materials for wood pellets. If you want to produce pellets for home use, one pellet mill will meet your needs. But, if you have a sufficient raw material supply, you want to have a small scale pellet production with flat die pellet press. You should consider the following points:
  • First of all, the granularity of raw materials. The particle size needs to be suitable for making pellet, the particle too large will affect the pelletizing effect, and it may damage the machine.
  • Second of all, the moisture content of material. Raw material need to have a suitable moisture content, too low or too high water content can affect the effect of pelletizing.
  • Thirdly, packaging situation. The produced pellets going to the market for sale need the proper packing. According to the different requirements of the market, and the different production abilities of the small scale pellet production solution, choosing the packager with high cost performance is especially important.
Different customers have different problems, and the solution are various. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we can give you private order.

The advantages of small scale pellet production solution

  • Small scale pellet produce easy to operate and move and cover a small area.
  • Because of the mall volume makes it easy to maintain and change spare parts.
  • It is for the low price but excellent quality and reasonable price
  • It consume lower energy but producing more profits.
GEMCO have devoted in small scale pellet production solutions for decades. To meet the needs of market, we focus on increasing premium quality pellet mills and automated pellet plants. Due to issues such as global warming and high oil prices, there has been significant demand for alternative fuels such as wood pellets. Our production of pellet mill sale out all over the world!