Straw Pellet Machine Turn Waste Straw to Biofuel or Animal Feeds Pellets

Straw to Straw Pellets

From time immemorial, straw has been a significant component of horse bedding. However, the advancement in technologies has sought to improve the form in which straw is used in horse-bedding. Now, thanks to the invention of the straw pellet machine, straw can be processed and used in a soft pellet form inside the stall. So, what exactly are the perks that soft pellets come with? To begin with, soft pellets from straw are known for their urine absorption capabilities.
Straw to Straw Pellets

They are also known to be good absorbents of ammonia and odour, which means the age-long problem of odours emanating from stalls will be a thing of the past. The last advantage is the fact that the waste involved is relatively low as only a little fraction of soiled bedding will require being taken out every day. This not only saves on the resource itself but also on labour.

How Does the Straw Pellet Machine Work?

Like any other pelletizing material, a straw pelletizer machine works on a rather simple principle. Raw materials are introduced into the straw pellet machine, usually in powder form. The raw materials could be anything from cotton straw, wheat straw, corn straw and rice straw.

The material, or powder, is then spread and distributed throughout a chamber in the machine. Once they have been exposed to an even temperature and pressure condition within the chamber, two rollers are then used to press it through the radical slot. The last step in this simply processing involves the cutting of the exposed pellets. The pellets so exposed are then used as a biofuel or for animal feeds.

Setting Up A Straw Pellet Plant

Setting up a straw pellet plant mill requires a careful analysis of the viability of this business and there are factors to put into consideration. The very first thing is the availability of raw materials. If you live in an area with an access to plenty of straw; be it in a corn belt, wheat belt or rice fields, then you already have a head start as it will be easier for you to source for the raw materials used for straw pelletizing.
Straw Pellet Plant
Small Straw Pellet Plant
Another factor you need to put into consideration is the availability of the market. As already mentioned, your main market segments will be those needing the straw in their equine stalls or those that need it as an alternative biofuel. There is a reason why such a plant would do well in the countryside or areas furthest from towns because not only do these areas abound in horse yards, they are also a little off the conventional power grids. Therefore, people rely on biofuels. Setting up a straw pelletizing plant in such areas would see you reap immensely.

Why choose straw pellet machine

A straw pellet machine is one of the most ingenuous inventions because it contributes directly to energy conservation by serving as an alternative biofuel. The fact that it is also used to make equine beddings only adds to its immense utility.
ring die straw pellet machine movable straw pellet plant
ring die straw pelletizer and movable straw pellet plant
Pelletizing the small scale straw pellets the movable straw pellet plant is the best choice. And processing the large scale straw pellets the ring die straw pelletizer is best.

Setting up such a straw pellet plant is not a capital-intensive project provided you have sufficient access to the raw materials needed. Whether you are thinking of starting a small-scale or a large-scale straw pellet machine, there is simply no limit to how much benefits you can derive out of it; both for your subsistence and commercial needs.