Why Should We Use Waste Paper Pellet Mill

Many people would be confused when talking about waste paper pellet mill, for this kind of machine in the world has not been popular. Due to the current situation of resource shortage, waste paper pellet mill is going to be known by people and develop in the whole world. Then what is waste paper pellet mill? What is the function of it? Why do we use it?
 waste paper pellet mill
As we all know, the energy in the world is limited, and mastering the energy means holding the power of country development, which can push the science and technology forward, then our living quality can be improved. The status of energy shortage speeds up the space of new energy development, and people find a reasonable and technological way to solve this problem. Then waste paper pellet mill born in the right moment. as a kind of medium, it turns waste paper into the clean energy, waste paper pellets which can be used by many ways.
Waste paper has many types, such as waste newspaper, waste books, sheet papers and so on. The stuff bothers people a lot and takes up a lot of space. While the waste paper pellet mill removes the trouble for people and brings the valuable energy resource.
waste paper           waste-paper-pellets
In the above steps, the moisture content of the raw materials should be controlled according to the actual situation.
Usually, before the pelletizing, waste paper should be dealt by the crushing machine and the operator should know each kind of requirement to the raw materials, like raw material humidity, pelletizing temperature, pressure, etc. Only by controlling those matters well, can you produce good quality of waste paper pellet fuels. Waste paper pellet mill has several molds, so it can produce different sizes of pellets. The user can go on the production according to the needs.

Advantages of Waste Paper Pellets

  1. Saving forest resources. About 95% of waste paper is made of wood. If those waste paper can be used efficiently, it will save the forest resources for the world.
  2. Supplying new kind of energy. Under the situation of energy shortage, using waste wood pellet fuels can release this status and supply power for the social development.
  3. Protecting the environment. Waste paper pellets have a little S, N and other harmful elements, so when burning the waste paper pellets, it would not release noxious gas to the air.