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Briquette Machine Plans for You to Build Briquette Factory

Mechanism charcoal briquettes plays the more and more important role in our daily life and industrial production, for example, it is used for BBQ due to its no-smoke and no smell; it is the ideal fuel for heating in winter; it is used in the steel production factory to realize slow temperature decreasing. In a word, the wider the briquette application becomes, the higher the market demand grows. Mechanism charcoal gradually replaced people's original earth kiln, thus greatly reducing the production cost, so that people's production profits doubled.
Mechanism charcoal briquettes

Then, how to enter this charcoal briquette market with high interest? You should make a series of briquette machine plans first.

In order to finish the mechanism charcoal briquette production, you need to plan a production equipment configuration. The relative cost - effective  fuel briquette machine plant is as followed.

  • The main equipment used in the complete fuel briquette machine plant are: crushing machine, drying machine, briquette machine and carbonization furnace.
  • The raw materials for making briquette is various, such as, sawdust, rice husk, fruit shells, stalks, wood log, braches, left materials etc, and the moisture content should be less than 12%.
  • The complete fuel briquette machine plant needs an area of over 50m2 large, and 4 meters high.

Typical Project: 
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Design Features of Fuel Briquette Machine Plans

Briquette Machine Plans
  1. Reasonable design, reliable quality, simple structure, convenient operation, small size, small footprint, labor saving, power saving.
  2. The fully-automatic control electric heating device is designed for the briquette machine plans, randomly adjusting the dry humidity of the material, to ensure the stable forming of the material and improve the work efficiency.
  3. The main part adopts the specially treated wear-resistant materials, to ensure the continuous briquetting production.
  4. The fuel briquette machine plant is suitable for briquetting various biomass raw materials, with less energy consumption and high production efficiency.
  5. Three bearing of traditional type briquette machine are changed into four, strengthening the stability and durability.
  6. Oil lubrication of traditional briquette machine is changed into oil-immersed lubrication, and it can be used for long years if only no oil leakage.
  7. Screw pitch is increased and feed volume is increased, to significantly increase production.
  8. The forming cylinder structure is improved, reducing friction between machinery and raw materials, increasing the briquette density.
(How to build a charcoal briquette plant?)

Complete Fuel Briquette Machine Plant Production Procedures

Raw material   ⇒   Crushing   ⇒   Drying   ⇒    Briquetting  ⇒  Carbonization  ⇒   Final product

  1. The raw material is crushed into suitable size by the crushing machine, and then the crushed raw material enter the upper hopper of the drying machine by the feeding machine (belt conveyor) or manually for later drying.
  2. The drying machine can automatically feed and dry the material once, and no material is channeled from the smoke outlet or sprayed from the discharge port. And this drying machine can be used for combining with multiple briquette machines. The after-dried materials is conveyed to the feeding port of briquette machine evenly by the conveyor or manually to be briquetted.
  3. The briquette machine equipped with auto temperature controller can adjust the briquette density at any time to ensure the briquette quality. Then the formed briquettes enter the next carbonization furnace.
  4. After carbonized in the carbonization furnace, the final charcoal is finished.
charcoal briquette equipment
(Key Part of Briquette Machine Plan: Screw Briquette machine)
Technological Parameter
Power 15-18.5KW 18.5-22.9KW 18.5-23.5KW
Output 1.6-2.4T/shift 2.4-3.2T/shift 1.4-2.2T/shift
Raw material humidity 8-12% 8-12% 8-12%
With our briquette machine plans, the raw materials with carbon like sawdust, rice husk, furfural residue, wine residue, bagasse, twigs, crop straws can be produced into man-made charcoal through the process of pressing in high temperature, plastifying, forming, and carbonization. And its calorific value is obviously higher than the same amount of coal and natural coal, is widely suitable for industrial product and civil life.

We can customize the fuel briquette machine plant based on your actual requirements and conditions, to build you special briquette machine plans.