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Ethiopian Client’s Visit on Briquette Machine Plant for Production Expansion

Turning biomass materials into biomass briquette fuel is becoming a trend around the world, thus briquette machinery is becoming more and more popular. In recent days, our Ethiopian client came to visit our briquette machinery factory for the second time. Last time, he has purchased a complete briquette machine plant with 5 screw briquette machinery connected in parallel. Due to the considerable profit obtained before, he want to expand the production scale. This time, he came to visit for the production expansion project, and an Australian investor came with him.

Typical Briquette Machine Plant Processing:

raw material→chipping(optional)→crushing(optional)→drying→briquetting→carbonizing(optional)→charcoal briquettes→packaging
briquette machine plant processing
(How to make charcoal briquettes?)

Visit on Our Briquette Machinery Factory

In this visiting period, our project manager led the clients to the factory to see the machinery at first. At the leading of factory personnel, the clients visited the factory workshop, during which the personnel explained to the clients about the technical process and some machinery details. After that, the Australian investor expressed the large satisfaction for our briquette machinery.
The clients are seeing our GCBC-II screw briquette machineThe clients are seeing our GCBC-II screw briquette machines
(The clients are seeing our GCBC-IIscrew briquette machine.)
  • GCBC series screw briquette machinery
The GCBC series screw briquette machinery is our new product which is developed after 6 years of research, obtaining the national utility model patent. It adopts the screw shaft pushing the materials into the forming sleeve, thus is called screw briquette machine. The key components is made from high quality material, with the life time able to reach up to 1-2 years.

GCBC-II Screw Briquette Machinery
GCBC-II Screw Briquette Machinery Output  Motor power Electric heater  Briquettes Sizes Inside Hole Size Packing Weight Overall Dimension
300-350kg/h 18.5kw 2.2*2kw Φ=40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm Dia.16mm 1100kg 1800*700*1840mm

The screw briquette machinery can make the materials into the hollow quadrangle and hexagon briquettes with the diameter of 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, and the inner hole diameter is 18mm/16mm. The finished briquette density can reach up to 1.3 T/m3, which is suitable for making charcoal fuel.
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Meanwhile, the machinery purchased by our Canadian client before has been finished manufacturing, they were also led to see the machines of this briquette machine plant.
Canadian client briquette machine plantCanadian client briquette machine plant

Discussed the Final Details about Briquette Machine Plant

After visiting the workshop and machinery, the clients and our briqutte machinery project manager have discussed the final details again based on the technological process last time at the factory office.
discussed the final details about briquette machine plantdiscussed the final details about briquettes machine plant

Visit On Briquette Machine Plant of Our Domestic Client

Then, our project manager has also led the clients to see the briquette machine plant of our domestic client. The production line is purchased in 10years ago, equipped with 3 screw briquette machines in parallel, drying machine, drum screener, dust collecting equipments and the kiln built by the users etc. The raw material of this client is wood chips, the finished briquette is used for carbonizing the charcoal briquettes.
Domestic Client Briquette Machine Plant
As 10 years passed by, this briquette machine plant is still running pretty well. Our clients admired the quality of our briquette machinery more than once, which strengthening their decision of choosing our briquette machinery.
The following pictures are the briquettes produced by the briquette machine plant with 10 years history.
briquettescarbonized charcoal briquettescarbonized charcoal briquettes
(These are briquettes and carbonized charcoal briquettes)

Briquettes have been increasingly common as one combustion energy. briquettes has various of types, such as, solid compressed briquettes, wood briquettes, hollow compressed wood briquettes, charcoal briquettes etc which can be used for BBQ, home heating, industrial boiler etc. Would like to know how to make biofuel briquettes?