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GEMCO Briquetting Machine Deserves Your Buying

GEMCO is the leading manufacturer and supplier of biomass energy machinery in China. After years of research and development, the machine quality is continuously improved and the automatic degree is increasing.

GEMCO Briquetting Machine Introduction

GEMCO briquetting machine mainly has two types, one type is screw briquetting machine(charcoal briquetting machine), the other one is punching briquetting machine(mechanical stamping briquetting machine). Both of them have their own characteristics, which can meet different requirements of clients. Those two briquetting machines can produces briquettes by single machine or be used in the whole production line for large scale production. In the single machine production, the requirement for the raw materials is high, for the material size, moisture and other factors will affect the briquetting effect. While in the whole production line, the raw materials can be any shapes, for there will be a pre-treatment to the raw materials by the auxiliary devices. For example, the chipper can turn the chips into pieces, the grinding machine can handle the chips into powder, the drying machine can make the sawdust into proper humidity. 
Briquettes Introduction
Clients’ strengths and requirements are different, so the briquetting machines have different yields for clients to choose. Briquettes produced by different tyeps of briquetting machines have different shapes. Screw briquette machine produces briquettes with hollow center, while the briquettes produced by punching briquette machine is solid. There are several diameters of the molds of briquetting machines. So the clients can produce different diameter of briquettes according to their need.
Besides, our company also developed a new type of briquetting machine, this kind of GEMCO briquetting machine is a kind of double-end briquetting machine, that means this briquette machine has two discharging holes which increases the briquettes production greatly. It can meet the huge demand for the briquettes.
double-head briquette machine
Operation Requirement:
With the development of the technology, our company tries to improve the automatic degree of the briquetting machine, but the machine still needs persons to operate, there are several matters that you should pay attention:
  1. Operate GEMCO briquetting machine according to the instruction;
  2.  It is prohibited for the non-operator to operate the GEMCO briquetting machine;
  3. Check require and maintain the briquetting machine and add lubricating oil regularly;
  4. After finishing the production, clean the materials inside of the machine for fear that the machine is blocked affecting the next use.

Why Choose GEMCO Briquetting Machine

Our machines are CE guaranteed briquetting machine, so you won’t need to worry about the quality. GEMCO not only produces and sells briquetting machines, but also supply comprehensive service to clients, and release the customers from anxiety. From the design of GEMCO briquetting machine to the pellet production, we will supply you the total solutions according to the actual situation. Our company tries to use the minimum cost to set up the higher quality of briquetting production line for our clients giving you the best purchasing experience.