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GEMCO Pellet Mill Roller and Die the Cost-Effective Pellet Mill Parts

What is pellet mill roller and pellet mill die

GEMCO pellet mill is the type of mill that creates pellets from the powdered materials. The two distinctive types are needed equipment for the commercial or pellet plants. Pellet mill roller and pellet mill die is the main parts of the pellet mill. Better knowledge of these main pellet mill parts plays a vital role in enhancing maximum output and production and increasing the service lifespan of your machine.
GEMCO pellet mill roller and pellet mill die
Parts of the pellet mill is normally flat due to its unique and simple design, lower weight and high efficiency making it even more predominately used in the production of the small-scale pellet. It has a pellet mill roller above the flat die. The materials are crushed from the top hence they are usually compressed between the pellet mill die and the pellet mill roller making the two the major pellet mill parts.

GEMCO pellet mill roller parts

Pellet mill rollers are very vital components in making pellets. Their primary purpose is to help the machine mixtures to get into the pellet mill die hole easily. Thus the roll construction and shape designs are crafted to prevent slippage of the materials and to give a smooth surface for quicker expulsion. The roller parts materials should be anti-bearable and sturdy enough to avoid brokerage. The flat die type of pellet mill should have two rollers to help enlarge the capacity of pellet making. They be made of alloy steel material to make them wear - resistance and to prevent them from breaking.

GEMCO pellet mill die parts

The diameter of this die holes should be at least 1.5 to 12mm, and they are light in weight and small, easy to clean and a very convenient to maintain. Die is made of different types of metals that help them become corrosion resistance. The pellet mill die various holes that aids in the extruding the materials into the natural formation of the pellets.
Pellet mill rollers and dies are the most worn parts in the pellet mills. The pellet mill parts play a significant role in the production of high quality of pellets. High-quality rollers and dies help determine the productivity and economic performance of industrial pellet plants. Through the adaptation of global advanced manufacturing technologies and the research of the development department, GEMCO has always stood at the forefront of the industry. At the same time, GEMCO pellet mill roller and die can also be customized ccording to the customer's requirements.