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Is There Commercial Demand for Briquette Press Plant?

Briquette Press Plant Around the World

As we all know very well that the fuel is the heart of industries. In this era of rapid economic development, fuel energy has been in a state of acute shortage, also the fuel price has been shot up, like coal, natural gas, kerosene, diesel oil, lignite etc. With the severe circumstances and in order to relieve the pressure of energy lack, people start to rack their brains to create one environmentally friendly renewable energy. Relying on the no pollution produce in the production and usage of the products, briquette technology has gotten the high praise from the experts.
Benefits of Building Your Own Briquette Press Plant for HeatingBenefits of Building Your Own Briquette Press Plant for biomass power plant
Actually, biomass densification is not a brand new phenomenon. Since 1950s, briquetting technology has start to cut a figure around the fuel industry. At that time, it was limited in some countries, but it started to be popularized as the society development. So far, the briquetting technology has been started to be promoted around the world, even the investors has obtained plenty of commercial benefits from the briquette press plant due to their smart foresights.

Economic Feasibility & Profitability

  1. Wide raw materials can be produced in the briquette press plant, the farmers can earn much income by selling the agro and forestry wastes, thus improving the life quality.
  2. The industries owners can create the environment-friendly, renewable energy resources by themselves, to reduce the production cost and increasing the production efficiency, thus obtaining more profits.
  3. Due to the bright future and wide market of the briquette press plant, the investors can get the high returns quickly from it, with easy marketing and easy availability with wide range of briquette press plants.
How to set up a briquette press plant?

Benefits of Building Your Own Briquette Press Plant

Briquette press machinery has a wide usage from agriculture to industry. Making briquette is a good way for recycling the waste to get the high value from them.
  • In Agriculture
For the farmer who possess their own farms growing crops and trees, there is no doubt that a lot of waste is produced every year in the farms, including corn shells, corn cob, rice husk, sorghum straw, peanut shell, betelnut shell, almond shell, cotton shell, grasses, branches, leaves, coconut shell, sawdust, twigs etc. They costs so large space that there is no enough place to keep them in the farm.
Briquette Press Plant In Agriculture
(Making agricullture waste into renewable energy: biofuel briquettes)
How to make biofuel briquettes?
While, biomass energy is the only way to preserve the waste materials, making them into the briquettes by briquette press plant can reduce 20%-30% of the volume, with less moisture content, easy to store and transport.
  • In Industry
Whether in manufacturing industry or other industries related to the production, the residues recycling is always the hot topic there. These residues, mainly meaning the processing waste like sawdust produced in the paper producing factory, furniture factory etc.
While, in many other industries, especially in chemical and power generation industry, the energy saving is a hot topic. With briquette press plant, a new green energy resource is produced called briquette fuel, which has high combustion value, strong ablation-resistance, no dust or bad gas produced during the briquette combustion processing, very suitable for using in the industries with high energy consumption.
Whether you are farmers, factory owner or investor, we can provide you with our professional service in machinery and process. Come and contact us to get commercial benefits.