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Making Reliable Fuel with Horse Manure Briquette Machine

For the animal owners, the most difficult thing is handling the animal manure, especially for the horse owner. Recently, here comes a great way to handle the horse manure, that is making the horse manure into briquettes for fuel by using a horse manure briquette machine.
horse manure briquette machine
(Horse Manure Briquette Machine - Punching Type Briquetting Machine)

Horse Manure Briquette Machine Introduction

Horse manure briquette machine is a special equipment for making horse manure into biomass fuel. Technically, it belongs to punching type briquetting machine. This machine is mainly composed of briquetting machine, feeder and controlling cabinet etc. adopting the piston punching force to compress the loose materials into density cylindrical briquettes. The finished production has five diameters specifications, respectively 8mm, 10mm, 22mm, 30mm, and 70mm, and the briquettes with 8mm and 10 mm can also be called pellets. By changing the mould, the size of the briquettes is changed easily. If you want to make pure horse dung particles you can choose the horse barn waste pellet mill.

With the development of technology, a new kind of punching briquette machine for making horse manure briquette has been researched and developed. It is called functional double headed punching briquette machine, adopting punching of the crank connecting link. This new type horse manure briquetting machine adopts conveyor for feeding and controls the feeding speed by frequency conversion.

Superiority of Horse Manure Briquette Machine

  • 1. Wide applications. By using the horse manure briquette machine, not only the horse manure can be made into fuel briquette, the chicken, cow, cattle and other animal manure can also be made into briquettes as well.
  • 2. Save cost. Use this equipment to make fuel briquettes can not only saving the horse manure handling cost, but also can save the cost of buying the fuel.
  • 3. The horse manure briquette machine is composed of high quality components, prolonging the lifetime of the machine, improving the production efficiency, meanwhile creating more value.
  • 4. The finished production made by the horse manure briquette maker is with high density, can be burned completely without bad gas.
  • 5. The horse manure briquettes in uniform shape and size, is easy to store and transport.
  • 6. The ash after burning can be used as fertilizer in the garden.

Horse Manure Briquette Making Processing

Before using the horse manure briquette maker, here is an important thing needing attention. The horse manure type is important. Generally, there are two kinds of types. One is the pure horse manure, some horse owners store the horse manure together only. The other one is mixed horse manure. Because there are horse owners use the horse bedding thus the horse manure is mixed with the horse bedding. And the horse bedding is made of wood chips, crop straws and other forestry and agro residues, so, the mixed horse manure has no need to separating for making horse briquettes.

Now, it’s time to make horse manure briquettes.

Drying the horse manure. As we all know, the horse manure is always wet, thus affecting the briquette making. So you should dry horse manure by the sunshine or the dryer machine, to meet the require of the horse manure briquette maker, the moisture content had better be around 15%. Also, you can mix the pure horse manure with dry rice husk or wood chips.
Making briquettes. Operate the horse manure briquette machine according to the operation instruction.
After cooling the finished briquette in a normal temperature in the ventilated place, you can store them into the bags or boxes for using.

If you want to know more information about the horse manure briquette machine, please contact us.