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Pellet Mill for Horse Wood Pellet Bedding

What is Horse Bedding?
Horse bedding is a kind of wood mat for protect the horse from damp. Good quality bedding is crucial for maintaining the health of the horse. There are many kinds of material can be used as horse bedding. The traditional horse beddings are shavings, peat moss, shredded paper, straw, hemp and card board. With the development of the horse bedding, wood pellets made by the pellet mill is widely used as horse bedding in the horse owners.

pellet mill for horse wood pellet bedding

Advantages and Disadvantages of Horse Bedding

The horse owners always choose straw as horse bedding, because the straw is easily to be harvested from the wheat, barley and oats. So it costs less reasonably, but the straw may be with dust and it is not suitable for the horse with respiratory problems. The horse can not be breathe well though a lot of wastage and a high volume were used. If the horse eats the straw, it may cause the colic. Also the straw reserved on the floor made of concrete or asphalt stable, it can not absorb the urine completely to cause the floor slippery.

Compared with the straw, the shavings and the wood chips are better, they are easier to absorb the urine thus reducing the waste and they can be used on any kind of floor, and they are not impacted by the wet weather to mould.

The shredded papers are more absorbent than the straw, shavings and wood chips, and the shredded papers can be used on majority of floors. The source of the papers need to be concerned. If the original product is from the recycled cardboard or the newspapers, they may be exposed in the rain before, which may cause the mould. And if the shredded papers is mixed with shredded plastic bags, the absorption will be affected.

Compared with the direct use of wood chips, wood shavings, paper scraps made of horse bed, the effect of pellets products like: wood pellet, paper pellet, straw pellets horse bedding is better. All the pellets horse bed can be made by pellet mill. Now the wood pellet bedding is popular of the horse bedding industry. The pellet mill make horse bedding granule is already a popular industry.

Why don’t you make wood pellets by yourself?

Even though the wood pellet is regarded as more suitable horse bedding, there are still problems, like the costs. The horse beddings pellets made by good raw materials are so expensive. So, why not make wood pellets by yourself? For that, selecting the raw material comes first. Many kinds of raw material can be used to make wood pellets, but you should choose the wood which are not toxic to animals or to human, such as, the black walnut tree, red maple trees, cherry and plum trees, oak tree. Of these trees, some leaves are toxic to the horse, even to the human; some are not easy to be made wood pellets. So, the horse owners should choose the raw material very carefully. It is demonstrated that cedar and pine are more suitable to be made wood pellets as horse bedding.

Everything seems ready, now you need a small pellet machine to make. Let’s begin to make wood pellets. Wood pelleting for horse bedding and that for fuel are very similar, but the difference exists. For saving the space, the bed pellets need to be vacuumed before packing.

Here are the procedures.

  • a. Split the wood log by log splitter.
  • b. Crush the wood in the crusher or the hammer mill.
  • c. Dry the crash by dryer.
  • d. Pellet in the pellet mill.
  • e. Cool and sieve the pellets by the cooler machine.
  • f.  Vacuum the pellets and pack them into bags.
More info about making horse wood pellet bedding please contact our technician.