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Screw Press Briquetting Machine Brings You Inexhaustible Fuel

Features of screw press briquetting machine

The screw press briquetting machine, as the earliest product of biomass briquette making machine, is designed to make biomass wood and charcoal briquettes with cylindrical or hollow center shape. The raw materials can be sawdust, wood chips, bamboo shavings, cotton stalk, coconut shell, maize straw, wheat straw, rice husk, peanut shell, sugarcane bagasse, twig, furfural residue, etc. and the finished briquettes can be used for enterprise and public institution heating or communal heating, heating for home, industrial boiler, cooking, household fireplace. Besides, the briquettes can be used for making charcoal briquettes in charcoal factory due to their carbonized surface. (>>how to make charcoal briquettes)
biomass wood and charcoal briquettes
biomass and wood briquettes

Working principle of screw press briquetting machine

The screw press briquetting machine is mainly composed of compress sleeve, conical extrusion screw, motor, gear box etc. Due to the simple structure and processing principle, the machine is easy to learn and operate. Put it simply, the whole briquetting processing is a process of densification. When the machine begin to work, the material gets loaded under the gravity into the compressing chamber. Under the driving of the motive power, the conical extrusion screw pushes the material into the compress sleeve with the cross-sectional area is lessening. The internal pressure of the material will be grows larger and larger and will be formed until the material get to the top of the compression sleeve. And then after the pressure relaxation section, the forming material is pushed out of the screw press briquette machine to be formed material.
screw press briquetting machine
Screw Press Briquetting Machine and Charcoal Briquetting Plant

Requirements for using screw press briquetting machine

Before making biomass wood and charcoal briquettes, there are some requirements.
  1. Moisture content. For different raw materials, the moisture content requires are different. For example, making straw briquettes, the moisture content should be around 12 %.
  2. Size of the raw material. Generally, it is the best to be powdery, but if powdery cannot be realized, the size of the raw material had better be up to 5 mm. Therefore, for your big size of material, the crusher is suggested.
  3. Size of the finished briquettes that you want. The length and diameter of the finished cylindrical briquette should be decided before you making briquettes, you can modulate the size by adjusting the compression ratio between the screw and the sleeve.
  4. Because the fresh finished briquettes are with high temperature, when you take them away for packing, you should wear the heat insulating gloves, and until the briquettes is cooled, you can package the wood briquettes into bags or boxes.
  5. Different components should be lubricated by different lubrication oils. For the gear box, you should be lubricate by gear oil.

Benefits of screw press briquetting machine

With the increasing demand of people for biomass wood and charcoal briquettes, screw press briquetting machine has gotten more and more attention around the world because of its various benefits.
  1. The inner components of this screw press briquette machine adopt alloy steels with high harness, thus the service life can be prolonged to 1~2 years.
  2. Due to the uniform size and shape, the finished products can be easily transported and stored.
  3. On the gear box equipped lubrication device. The operator can lubricate the machine regularly with convenience.
  4. The automatic cutter system is equipped, so that the biomass briquettes can be made with uniform size.
  5. Raw materials are inexhaustible and easy to be found. Agro and forestry waste can be found every where in our daily life. Besides, making the waste into fuel helps to protect the environment and save the space.
  6. High combustion efficiency. Whether the tetragon and hexagon wood briquettes or charcoal briquettes made by the screw press briquetting machine can be easily and fully burned with good calorific value and low ash, thus the combustion efficiency can be improves a lot.
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