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Wood Pellet for Animal Bedding and Litter

What is animal bedding and Litter

Speaking of feeding animal, it is important and hard to keep them healthy. The keeper should care every single part of the animals. Of these parts, animal bedding and litter is most important, because the animal spends more time on the bedding.
animal bedding and litter pet litter
A good quality bedding and litter not only keep them healthy, but also keep them away from the bad living environment. Traditionally, the owners choose the sawdust, wood chips and other materials as bedding for the animals. But now there is a popular bedding widely used as animal bedding, the wood pellet made by the pellet mill. Want to know pellet mill? >>

What is wood pellet

Wood pellet, also called biomass pellet, is made by pellet mill from pine, poplar, birch, fir and other agricultural waste, why does the wood can be made into pellet? Because there is a kind of matter called lignin in the plant cell. They have multiple adhibitions.

wood pellets

At the beginning, the pellet is mainly made by the agricultural waste like straw and used as animal feed in farm, feed factory, fodder factory, because the pellet has no dust and it is cheaper, and the size of the feed pellet is always in a range of 5mm to 8mm for different kinds of animals. And then with the development of the technology and with the concern of the environment from people, the pellet made from wood became to be used as fuel. In the power station, using the wood pellet as fuel can reduce the cost of the factory while protect the environment. Also it is used as fuel for home heating. So far, people have found another application of the wood pellet, for animal bedding. The wood pellet can not only absorb the moisture of the animal barns but also the ammonia odor. It is always be used as animal bedding for livestock and for pet, and the requires are different for different animals. For livestock like cattle, horse, pig, the diameter of the wood pellet is 8 mm, but for rabbit, the size of the wood pellet should decrease to 6 mm. And for pet like cat, the size of the wood pellet cannot be too big or too small. Too big pellet will be hated by the cat; if the pellet is too small, the pellets will be tracked with the cat. So, 5 mm is proper.

Advantages of wood pellet bedding for animal

Why more people choose wood pellet for animal bedding? Here are the reasons. Generally, the wood pellet has high absorbency; it is easy to store and dispose for its packing in bags; its low costs for its wide range of materials; less prone to mold or be with dust that is bad for animals etc.

There are some more important advantages in details.
On the farm, the most difficult thing for farmers to clean the stable for livestock is cleaning the ammonia odor, especially in horse barn(horse barn waste can make fuel pellets>>), cattle barn and pig barn, the wood pellet bedding can solve these problems very well. For dairy cows, the wood pellet can not only keep their clean but also can improve their overall health, including in their udders. For cat, it’s easier to separate and scoop out the solid waste. And by shaking the shaking the litter, the unused pellets will be at the top for next using, while the small, broken pellets filter down to the bottom of the box. For birds, you have no need to worry they may eat the bedding after you use wood pellet as its bedding, because using the wood pellet as its bedding, it will feel like living in the forest which is healthier for the birds.

Making wood pellet by your own pellet mill

For reducing the costs, the farmer can consider to make pellet for their live stock by themselves through purchasing the pellet mill. It is not suggested to make pellet for pet by your own, it may costs much, but it is great to invest this market for getting profit.