Commercial Wood Pellet Mill for Industrial Wood Pellets

Commercial wood pellet mill is mainly used in industrial wood pellet production line.  From the pretreatment of the raw materials to the molding of wood pellets, it needs a series of processes to finish the production. Then how does the process is realized? We will give you a detailed explanation and let’s take the wood log as an example.
pellet production process
Wood Pellets Production Process and Notice
Firstly, we should use some auxiliary machines to pre-treat the wood log, the pre-treating machines are peeling machine, splitter, chipper, grinding machine, drying machine, etc. Not all the machines must be used in the process, you should use them according to the wood log situation, if the wood log has no barks, you don’t need to use peeling machine. During the pre-treating process, you must pay attention to the safeness, you must not stretch out your hands into the machine when it is running. After the pre-treatment, the wood log becomes sawdust with suitable moisture content, granularity which are proper to process into pellets.
Secondly, we can begin to make pellets, which is the most important step. Here, we need to use the key device, commercial wood pellet mill. The users can choose the suitable wood pellet mill to produce pellets according to their own need. Our company has different size of commercial wood pellet mills for you to choose. Due to the years of technical research, ABC Machinery’s wood pellet mills have a qualitative leap in the automation that is improved greatly, which not reduces the labor cost, but also increase the production efficiency. Under the high temperature and pressure, the lignin in the sawdust plays a role of binder making the sawdust be molded easily. With this, the pellets leave the commercial wood pellet mill and are sent to the next process.
The molded wood pellets can not be used directly, they should be treated by the cooling machine and then they will be finalized the design, which is the final product. Usually speaking, the wood pellets produced by industrial wood pellet production line will be sold to the large scale of industries to use, like power station, central heating plant, etc. The loose wood pellets are not easy to store and transport, so they should go through another process, packing process. It needs packing machine to pack the pellets into bags.
Then the whole pellet production process is finished. There are other detailed about the operation, so you must operate each equipment according to the operation instructions to guarantee the safety of operators, and the smooth production.
Commercial wood pellet mill is the key tool to produce new energy, and a lot of countries are taking measures to encourage the development of new type of energy. So the development prospect of commercial wood pellet mill is broad. If you have any intention to purchase our products or set up the complete wood pellet mill production line, you can consult to us and we will help you to solve the difficulty heart and soul helping you to win the future!