Common Troubleshooting of Flat Die Biomass Pellet Press

Operating flat die biomass pellet press correctly not only can promote the capacity but also lengthen the life time of the mill to reduce the cost. For the new clients who know about biomass pellet press for the first time, comprehending about the common problems as followed helps you to operate the biomass pellet press.
Common troubleshooting of flat die biomass pellet press
flat die biomass pellet press
Flat die biomass pellet press has several different models with different power and output. More flat die biomass pellet press introduction>>

Top 5 Trouble Phenomena of Biomass Pellet Press

1. Low production capacity

The hole of the flat-die is not clean enough for the first use.
Grinder the oil material as lubrication for a period of time to promote the output.
Higher or lower moisture of the material.
Adjust the moisture of the material.
Overlarge gap between the pinch roller and the flat-die.
Adjust the impacted bolt.
Over abrasion  between the pinch roller and the flat-die.
The triangle belt is slipping or aging.
Tension or replace the triangle belts. 

2. Too much powder in the pellets

Low moisture content.
Raise the water content.
Over abrasion of the flat-die or small reduction ratio.
Replace it with a new one.

3.Tough surface of the pellets

High moisture content.
Reduce the water content.
Use the flat-die for the first time.
Grinder the oil material repeatedly.

4. Abnormal noise

Hard sundries falling into the machine.
Shout down the biomass pellet machine to clear the matters.
Damaged bearing.
Replace the bearing.
Components are loose.
Tighten the components.

5. Sudden stop

Excessive load.
Enlarge the gap between the pinch roller and the flat-die.
Foreign matters is in the box.
Shout down the machine to clear the matters.
Low voltage and actual low power.
Repalce the power or the motor.

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