Complete Set Briquetting Production Line for Diameter 8-90mm Briquettes

You have biomass materials to deal with? How to do? A complete set briquetting production line can make the biomass material into a burning briquettes for sale or self-use. The following is a real case of our customer.
complete set briquetting production line
complete set briquetting production line(with punching type briquetting press)
Consultation information from the client:

Our company is based in Cyprus (Europe). We are interested in a briquetting production line (crusher/shredder, rotary dryer, hammer mill and briquetting machine). Please let us know if you can provide some or all of the above machines. 

  • Our raw material is a mixture of wood branches (from palm, pine, olive, lemon, orange and other mediterranean trees) with their leaves and some weed (10-20%). As we don't want to separate this mixture, instead we want to convert it as a whole to saw dust and then briquettes, pls suggest appropriate machines that we will be also able to crush the leaves and weed, pulverize them and compress them. Moisture content of raw material will be varying between 20-50% according to the season (during Summer the temperatures can reach up to 45 degrees in Cyprus). The biggest wood blocks will have a diameter of around 30-35cm.
  • We would like to be able to produce different sizes of pellets/briquettes (diameter of final product to vary between 8 and 90mm, if possible) by replacing the dye. The production rate shall be at least 1 ton of briquettes per hour (if production is higher no problem). We understand that the production depends on the size of the final product, so the aforementioned rate concerns the big size briquettes only. Due to the above we believe that Punching Briquetting Press (or Industrial Briquette machine) is more suitable, but we would like to hear your opinion.
  • By considering the above, please provide information on the equipment you can offer. Since we are searching this field for long time now, we would like to also receive technical information and details about each of the machines you will quote. Also, please provide the cost of each component.

As we are in a rush to proceed urgently with the equipment, please respond as soon as possible.

Sales manager reply about the briquetting production line
  • Thank you for your email. This is Winnie, sales manager from ABC Machinery.
  • Thanks for your information sharing. Yes, the more suitable briquetting machine is Punching Briquetting Machine type , because only it can produce the diameter of the final product to vary between 8-90mm , I will try to ask our engineer to prepare the design to you on this Fri.    
  • Be the way , have you prepared the budget and workshop for this briquetting plant? If yes, please kindly send me the workshop layout and size for reference.
Maybe you have similar raw materials to deal with? Tell us about you, and we will design the complete set of briquetting production line for you for free.