Hot Sale Briquette Making Machine for Wood | Charcoal Briquette

Briquette making machine for wood briquette is also called briquetting machine, making the waste raw materials whose diameter can not be over 3mm and length can not over 5mm, including bamboo, wood, fruit shell, straws (except of rice husk, wheat husk) etc. Without adding any adhesive, only through the high temperature and pressure, the raw materials can be formed into the high density hollow solid briquettes, which will be carbonized into the charcoal briquette after the carbonization.
briquette making machine for wood briquettebriquette-making-machine-for-wood-briquette

How to Make Sawdust into Charcoal Briquettes


Briquette Making Machine for Wood Briquettes Production Line

Briquette making machine if the technical equipment in the complete biomass wood briquettes machinery, also is the most important device in the wood briquette machinery plant. For the past years, ABC Machinery has made great progress again in the field of biomass briquette production. So far, the hot selling items includes multiple green briquette making machine, highly energy-efficient briquette making machine. The newly multiple green briquette making machine adopts the oil-immersed alloy structure; the key parts including push shaft and forming barrel adopt special wear-resistant material formula, casted precisely, with long service time; the adaptability, compactness, wear resistance between the push shaft and inner sleeve barrel has been improved a lot; the newly briquette machine is featured with advantages of high output, low energy consumption, and compact and durability. The diameter of the finished briquette is ranged between 40mm to 80mm, ensuring the high quality briquette production.
Briquette Making Machine for Wood Briquettes Production Linecomplete biomass wood briquettes machinery

How to Build Wood Briquettes Production Line

Advantages and Prospect of Biomass Briquette or Charcoal

  1. Wide raw materials resources: sawdust, agro husk, branches, rice husk, bamboo dust, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell, corncob and other kinds of bushes debris etc. all of these materials can be produced into briquettes.
  2. Waste into treasures: without adding any adhesive, the raw materials whose density in130kg/m3 can be formed into solid mechanical briquette whose density in 1100-1300 kg/m3, and the volume will be reduced to one-tenth of the initial volume, thus improving the combustion performance greatly.
  3. Green energy: on the condition that oxygen isolation or a small amount of oxygen in the carbonization unit, after the pyrolysis, the briquette can be produced which has the heat value in 8000Kcal/kg, without any smoke produced during the combustion.
  4. Bright prospect: the finished briquette is featured with high carbon content, large heat value, small volatile quantity, long combustion period which is two times more than the initial combustion period, without smell and smoke, getting high praise of the clients from all around the world.

Features of Briquette Making Machine for Wood Briquette

  1. Low energy consumption, high output, high durability, costing less labor.
  2. Especially equipped with clutch gear, double-rod cylinder, they can work singly or work at the same time.
  3. Briquette density is increased, ensuring to provide the high and middle temperature charcoal with the high density.
  4. Depressurizing system is adopted in the electricity part, improving the safety degree, practicability and durability.
ABC Machinery manufactures the briquette making machine for wood briquette based on the steel with international standard, imported accessories parts, to ensure the quality of the mechanical briquette reach to 100%. ABC Machinery possesses rich experiences in manufacturing, professional technical, sale, after-sale service, resulting that our products has been exported overseas. If you has interest in the charcoal briquette production industry, please contact us for more information.