How to Buy A Wood Pellet Mill

Wood pellet mill is one of the biomass pellet mills that is needed largely in the market. Purchasing a good-quality wood pellet mill plays an important role for the pellet producer, which is a good beginning for the producers. Then how to buy a high-efficiency wood pellet mill? Let’s pay attention to the following suggestions together.

Aspect of Price

It is the top issue for the purchasers. Usually speaking, you get what you pay off. That means, the higher you pay for the goods, the higher quality the goods will be. Well, that is true, but it is not absolutely right. Lower price of wood pellet mill can not indicate that the machine quality is bad. We should consider it comprehensively, price is not everything. Besides, before buying a wood pellet mill, you should budget your money, in case of the capital shortage. Though the price is not everything, it can decides your pellet mill production line scale.
how to buy wood pellet mill

Wood Pellet Mill Quality

This factor is the key point in buy wood pellet mill. High quality of wood pellet mill makes the production smooth saving time on repairing or maintaining. At the same time, high quality of wood pellet mill increases the pellets yield. We should observe the quality from the following aspects, like wood pellet mill materials (stainless steel or alloy steel); the service life time of the modes, roller and die; compression ratio of the die, etc. Those factors affect the wood pellet mill quality deeply.


Manufacturer and supplier can be different persons or the same person. No matter who is the manufacturer or the supplier, you should master the reputation of them. Finding a reliable manufacturer/supplier can reduce certain risks when you purchase a wood pellet mill. The manufacturer/supplier pay more attention on the quality of wood pellet mill, for they insist that long term of development can bring them even more profit, and they won’t cheat customers on the rice. For example, our company ABC Machinery insists on the quality and customer first, and we focus on the quality of the machine, so we stand out in the market for more than ten years, which is not easy for a company.

Pellets Quality 

When buying wood pellet mill, many people would like to pay more attention on the machine itself while they ignore the machine products, wood pellets. Wood pellets can be a measuring standard of the wood pellet mill quality. The purpose we purchase a wood pellet mill is to get high quality wood pellets, so when you decide to buy a wood pellet mill, you should have a test run of the wood pellet mill and observe the quality of the wood pellet. You can observe the pellet quality from some aspects, pellet surface situation, pellet moisture content, pellet ash content, pellet combustible rate, etc. They all have a proper range, if the figures are in the range, the pellet quality is good.
wood pellets
Except for the above factors, there are other matters that you should consider, for example, whether you should buy auxiliary equipment or not? What auxiliary equipment you need? How much will those equipments cost, etc. So when you decide to buy a wood pellet mill, you should consider many problems.
If you want to buy a wood pellet mill, you can contact us, our company ABC Machinery will supply you a complete plan for you.