How to Make Green Fuel with Briquette Making Process

Waste Treatment around the World

Everyday, a mass of waste is produced around the world, waste treatment has also been a world problem around the world. Recently, waste treatment becomes a hot topic around the world.
Waste Treatment around the World
Germany has done a number of things to treat the waste problem, including decommissioning the remaining landfills, producing energy from the waste. In Pakistan, a composting facility project costing a $5.5 million dollar is supported in Lahore, used for market opening. In China, waste sorting is in full swing. A $80 million dollar is used for recycling organic waste, thus producing more energy.
After waste recycled, waste treatment comes to the next step. With briquette making process, the waste can be easily produced into used green briquette fuel used for daily life.

About Briquette Making Machine

A briquette making machine is used to process the raw materials into briquette machine, which is the moist important equipment in the briquette making process. It is generally divided into three type, respectively are punching briquette making machine, screw briquetting machine and double heads multi-functional mechanical briquetting machine.

Punching briquette machine

Punching briquette machine
(Making Cylindrical Biomass Briquettes and Pellets)
Punching briquette machine is one of the biomass briquette machine, is able to produce cylindrical solid briquette with different sizes. Adopting the principle of mechanical stamping, punching type has large pressure on the materials, easy to form the high density briquette fuel.
2T/H Biomass Briquette Project in Canada

Screw briquetting machine

Screw briquetting machine
(Making Hexagonal Hollow Cylinder Biomass or Charcoal Brqiuettes)
Screw type briquette machine is also called charcoal briquette machine. Adopting the screw principle, it use the propeller to push the materials into the forming sleeve. The final briquette is in the shape of charcoal and biomass briquettes with cylindrical or hollow centers.
500kg/H Wood Refuse Briquette Plant In Russia

Briquette Making Process

In common, briquette making process consists the following process
  • Raw materials collection
When the briquette machine is received that you purchased, what you need to do next is to collect the raw materials which is based on the formed briquettes. Some machine can process multiple kinds of raw materials, while some machine is designed for processing the individual materials. Generally speaking, any flammable biomass raw material including wood, sawdust, straws, branches, leaves etc can be processed into briquette fuel.
  • Raw material process
With enough raw materials, you shall adjust the size and moisture of the raw materials, the briquette making process requires the moisture content in 12%-15%, and the size less than 3mm. In this process, crushing machine and drying machine are equipped to meet the requirement.
  • Briquetting process
Briquetting is the most important process of the briquette making process. With the high temperature and high pressure, the raw material is easy to be formed into briquette fuel.
  • Cooling and packing process
The fresh briquette fuel is not able to be used directly due to the high temperature. You should decrease the temperature of them with cooling machine before packing and storing the briquette fuel. With the cooling process, the briquette is easier to be stored and packed, and the quality guarantee period can be prolonged as well.

All the briquette making process mentioned above is the general process, we can customize the most suitable briquette production line based on your requirement and actual condition. If you have any idea about briquette making process, please contact us for more information.