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2016 The Hot Sale Machine: Complete Wood Pellet Mill

Complete wood pellet mill is a whole set of wood pellet mill production line that is used to process the biomass raw materials into biomass pellet fuels. The production speed of complete wood pellet mill is faster than the single pellet mill. Under the situation of energy resource shortage, complete wood pellet mill is gradually popular among people. With the going by, there will be more and more people to using complete wood pellet mill.
Our company has set many projects in different countries and regions, like 2T/H Wood Briquetting Plant in Canada and 6TPH Complete Wood Pellet Making Line in Malaysia those projects get the great feedback of customers.

Production Process

Raw materials→chipping&crushing→drying→pelletizing→cooling & sieving → packaging→pellets
We will discuss the process carefully in the following content.

Raw Materials 

Wood as a kind of raw material, has kinds of shapes, wood log, wood blocks, wood chips, sawdust, etc. The shapes are not the same, and the pretreatment machines are different, too. For example, the wood log may need the peeling machine, splitter, chipping machine, grinding machine and drying machine. With the decreases of the raw material size, the needed auxiliary machines also decrease. After the raw materials becomes the suitable size, you should pay attention to the moisture content. Higher or lower content will affect the production which may decrease the production or pellet quality.


This machine will need the machine, chipping machine and crushing machine. The former is to turn the raw materials into chips while the latter is to grind the chips into smaller pieces. The both machines are necessary in dealing with large size of materials.


It needs drying machine to dry the materials into suitable humidity which meets the processing requirement.


pelletizing machine
This step needs the pellet mill that is the most important part of the whole wood pellet mill production line. When operating this machine, the user should control the related element well according to the instructions. Before using the machine, you should preheat it and use the right compression ratio. Only by adjusting each part of the machine well, can it produce good quality of pellets.


cooling machine
The pellets from the pellet mill have high temperature, if you pack them directly, the pellets will be out of shape or be damaged. So the pellets should be cooled, which needs cooling machine to finalize the design. The powder and broken pellets should be separated from the pellets for another processing.


packing machine
The cool pellets can be packed. This step needs packing machine.
That is the final product, and the producer can use them directly or sell them. High quality of pellet surface will be bright and the density is larger. The ash is less after the burning which is friendly to the environment.
Complete wood pellet mill has great potential in the future, so take the chance to have a complete wood pellet mill, and it will brings you more profits.