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Wood Pellet Mill Price Is Decreased

Wood Pellet Mill Price Falls

Wood Pellet Mill PriceWood Pellet Mill Price Falls
Wood pellet mill is a machine for making wood residues like wood chips, shavings, leaves, branches, bark and other forest residue into pellets. The finished wood pellet can used for home heating and cooking, industrial boiler, BBQ heating, fireplace etc., becoming the best substitute of fossil fuel. Due to simple structure, easy operation of the wood pellet mill, plenty of people begin to produce the wood pellet by themselves. When people buying a wood pellet mill, they always ask the wood pellet mill price firstly because they want to buy the best quality wood pellet mill by a lowest price. Recently, there has appeared a phenomenon that the price of wood pellet mill has decreased indeed than before.

Factors Affecting Wood Pellet Mill Price

It is no doubt that asking price is an important thing before buying a wood pellet mill, but do you know why some wood pellet mill cost so high? And what affect the price of wood pellet mill?
Factors Affecting Wood Pellet Mill Price
(All wood pellet mill parts: pressing roller, die, etc made by GEMCO wood pellet mill factory)
  • Manufacturing material. When you asking for price, you can see there are many prices with super high and extremely low. It is definite that the wood pellet mill with extremely low price was made of the low quality production material, which is bad for your wood pellet making. And of course, there exists good wood pellet mill with high quality, like GEMCO, all the pellet mills adopt best quality material. For instance, the key components, roller and die, are made from 4Cr/4Cr13 wearing more abrasion. High quality wood pellets must be made by high quality pellet mill.
  • Manufacturing processing. The components like pressing roller, roller shaft, die, main shaft need process vacuum heat treatment to prevent the serious damaging and distortion to the surface of components, thus prolonging the lifetime of the components.
  • Production capacity is also a factor. As we all know, wood pellet mill is equipped with various production capacity to meet the requirement from different clients. For example, the capacity of flat die pellet mill ranges from 50kg/h to 400 kg/h, their price must be different.
  • The power. Some manufacturer equip the pellet mill with different powers to meet more requirement of different regions, including electric motor, gasoline engine, diesel engine and PTO. Due to the different engines, the wood pellet mill price has high and low.

Analysis on Wood Pellet Market

Except the factors above, wood pellet mill price is also greatly affected by market demand. Economically, that is the balance between supply and demand.

When the wood pellet mill was developed for the first time, few people used it and few manufacturer produce it, thus the price of wood pellet mill is very high at that time. Later, with the popularization of wood pellet as fuel, people realized the advantages of wood pellet with high density, full combustion, friendly to environment and easy making etc. the demand for wood pellet is increasing day by day which leading the developing of wood pellet mill. The customers who need wood pellet mill and manufacturer sprung on the market like mushroom. The wood pellet machine price decreased correspondingly. When time went to 21st century, the manufacturing techniques has been developed a lot with more maturity, the manufacturing cost has been reduced. People have been able to buy the best quality wood pellet mill by the lowest price.
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