Rice Husk Briquette Making Machine Turn Rice Husk to Briquettes

Rice husk briquette making machine is a mechanical stumping machine that is used to make briquettes and pellets from waste rice husks. They utilize molds that are of varying sizes to form briquettes which also come out with differing sizes. Dried and mixed rice husks are compressed by the machine through these molds to produce rounded rice husk briquettes. The machine can also be used to make briquettes from other biomass materials apart from rice husks.
rice husk briquette making machine
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Rice husk briquettes offer renewable energy and come as cheaper options to using coal which helps reduce fuel costs and reduce the burden of waste material lying in the farms. Rice husk briquettes can be used as industrial fuel, fuel for the stove, to produce activated charcoal or serve as boiler fuel. The rice husk briquette making machine can be used in or near rice fields which makes it very convenient for rice farmers.

The process of making rice husk briquettes comprises of 4 processing stages

  • Drying Rice husks to a moisture content of 15-25%.
  • Mixing and delivering into the rice husk briquette making machine. The dried rice husks are mixed and delivered to the rice husk briquette making machine through a screw feeder that pushes them into the machine.
  • The machine injects the dried rice husks into the molds where they are highly compressed into briquettes or pellets according to the used molds and machine settings.
  • Cooling and packaging The formed briquettes are then cooled to a moisture content less than 14% and packed for later use or transport. 

Producing briquettes and pellets in one rice husk briquette making machine

One rice husk briquette making machine can produce both briquettes and pellets according to the operators desired output. This is made possible by use of varying size molds which may come with the rice husk briquette making machine or bought separately according to the manufacturer's specifications. Pellets are thinner than briquettes so they require narrow molds to produce. Briquette sizes also vary with the desired output. Some briquettes are needed to be extra thick and shorter while others may be required to be narrower but longer. Either way if the machine is able to handle varying sizes of molds it will have the capability to produce both briquettes and pellets.
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Rice husks among other biomass materials are important sources of renewable energy. Rice husk briquettes have renewable ability which cannot be attained with using coal or petroleum products making them convenient for several uses. With a quality rice husk briquette making machine rice husks can be turned in to briquettes to be used for heating processes in large industries or for home use. This serves as an alternative to using coal which in turn will help reduce much of produced rice waste in rice farming regions and lower costs of buying fuel. Rice husk briquette making machines are the way to go for all rice farmers and with the advantage that they can be used in the fields and for making briquettes from any biomass material, it only makes it better and convenient for maximum productivity of any farm.