Turn Waste to Wealth with Waste Wood Pellet Machine

Something about Waste Wood
People have used wood for cooking, lighting and heating for centuries. Until the middle of 19 century, the wood has been the main fuel source of the world energy. In modern time, wood is still the important fuel of many countries, especially heating and cooking in the developing countries.
waste wood
Demand of human for wood has been increasing continuously, more and more forests have been cut excessively, wood source is facing the condition of decreasing. and the waste wood including the branches, bark, wood chips, sawdust wood shavings etc. in the wood factory, paper factory and furniture factory, has not been utilized very well but stored together casually, taking up more space.

When realized the importance of protecting the environment, people begin to research develop renewable sources. Nowadays, many countries has carried out the related policies. The waste wood has been started to utilized gradually. Making the waste wood into compact pellets is one popular way. The necessary machine is the pellet machine, and the special pellet machine for waste wood is called waste wood pellet machine.

Make Fuel Pellets with Waste Wood Pellet Machine

Making wood pellet is generally divided into the following steps.
  • Raw material
The first thing for making pellet is to prepare the raw material. The waste pellet machine can produce various waste wood into fuel pellets, such as, sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, as well as the branches, bark and leaves. You can look for waste wood near the wood factory, furniture factory, paper factory etc. The raw material always influences the pellet making directly.
  • Uniform size reduction
Not all the waste wood in the small uniform size, so, when the raw material is ready, you should reduce the size to meet the require of waste wood pellet machine. The diameter of the waste wood should be under 5 mm. In this processing, the crushing machine is suggested. On the contrary, if you material is the sawdust, this processing is not necessary as it has been processed before.
  • Drying
For the wood pellet production line of the factory, in order to make high quality wood pellets, the material moisture content should be controlled in a range of 8%-12%. Then, the material had better be dried in the drying machine to get the proper moisture content.
  • Pelleting
flat die waste wood pellet machine ring die waste wood pellet machine
(Flat Die and Ring Die Waste Wood Pellet Machine)
After crushing and drying, the material has been met the requirement of making wood pellet. The machine used in this processing is the waste wood pellet machine. This waste wood pelleting machine has two types, including the flat die pellet machine for the small and medium scale pellet production and the ring die pellet machine for the large pellet production. Pelleting is the key processing of making wood pellet. The capacity of the flat die type ranges in 80-400 kg/h, while the ring die can be 1 ton per hour. You should choose the type according to your actual requirement and the raw material.
  • Cooling and Sieving
For the commercial wood pellet production, cooling and sieving is the necessary processing. The finished pellet with high temperature is very vulnerable, is easy to be pressed over and deformed. To keep the hardness and the forming, the fresh pellet is placed into the cooling machine. The cooling machine has three types, the vertical type, the horizontal type and the counter flow type. Then the wood pellet is screened in the vibrating screen for separating out the high quality wood pellet and the small wood pellet.
During the actual wood pellet making, due to the different purpose of wood pellet, the processing is not exactly the same with the processing above. For instance, making wood pellet for home use, the cooling and sieving is not necessary. But for making wood pellet for commercial purpose, the proper packing machine is also needed.

Maybe there are people who want to make larger size wood pellet, which is called wood briquette technically. The wood briquette machine is also here for you to choose.

Advantages of waste wood pellet machine

  • Wide material. The waste wood pelleting machine can make various materials into wood pellet, like wood chips, wood shavings, branches, bark, leaves and other forestry waste.
  • High efficiency. The finished wood pellet with high density, is easy to burned completely, and burning with no harm dust leaving to the air.
  • The waste wood pellet making machine, both of the flat type and the ring die type, can produce different length of wood pellets, by changing the different pressing ratio die thus meeting the requirement for different scale pellet production.
  • Wide application. This waste pelleting machine can be widely used for home heating and cooking, BBQ heating, fuel production factory, electricity generation factory and other factories which need amount of fuel.
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